updated car accident list for minneapolisThese reports come on varying days throughout each week as we gather the reports from multiple areas and they are constantly updated.  They are sent on both email and fax.  The cost is a monthly fee due on the first of each month.  We work with lawyers and clinics on 6 and 12 month subscriptions.  If you choose to pay for the whole fee all at once, modest discounts are available.  Otherwise, the clinic or office can pay monthly.

We realize that a business may want more reports in the  southern or northern part of an area.   These can be worked into an agreement as needed for the options that do  not purchase the whole area.

The marketing company we have is also available to take on  doing a direct marketing program that we provide for selected businesses, depending on their location and availability. To find out if this  option is available for your practice please ask about it when you contact  us.  We can only take on a certain amount  of clients per geographical area.

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