Our Premier Lists and Services:

We provide up to date, documented information of Personal Injury, car accident reports for the Twin Cities area.  These lists and information include full reports from all Police Departments as well as Highway Patrol and Sherriff’s Departments.

All reports can be emailed directly to your office within hours of their release and/or accessed on-line 24/7, enabling you to contact those who need your help fast!

Each list contains the names and addresses of individuals that could benefit from your specific services.

Ready to Print List Format

As part of our premiere service, all reports are available to you in Excel format, allowing you to prints labels yourself or for easy use by your print/mail service provider.


Instant Report Delivery

We are dedicated to giving you constantly updated information; therefore, as soon as the lists become available, you have constant access to them 24/7 or through daily emails.  This allows you to contact potential clients rapidly, before anyone else!

Services for Every Market Size

We are proud to provide the list for your size of market, whether you encompass the entire Twin Cities Metro and surrounding areas, Minneapolis, St. Paul or the respective suburbs.