As previously mentioned in our article on how to promote a chiropractic clinic, there are several marketing approaches for the expansion and success of any practice.

One of them is Direct Mailing, both to reach out to potential new patients and obviously to write to existing patients and have them return for more treatment.

Writing To Existing Patients

Writing a personalized and caring letter is always the best for this type of mailing. The purpose is to make the person perceive the message as a genuine and much-needed offer of care, rather than another promo piece to throw in the junk mail bin. In addition to check-up or satisfaction calls, periodical follow-up letters can and should be used to determine both the success of the treatments and the satisfaction of the patient. Birthdays, promotional events and seasonal discounts are also great opportunities to write to and maintain contact with your patients, follow up on their physical well-being and make them feel cared for. And let’s remember that a handwritten note and addressing your patient with a warm “Dear Mrs. Smith” is always better than a sterile “Dear customer.”

Mailings To Potential New Patients And Personal Injury Victims

This can be done as broad mailings, and, in some areas, by writing to personal injury victims to get them into the clinic.

Unless specifically referred by a physician as part of their post-hospital care, personal injury victims may not think of seeing a chiropractor or a physical therapist right after an accident. Therefore, reaching out to PI cases as quickly as possible after their injury to get them to become your patients is important not just for them, but also for your clinic. You obtain a new patient, and they can start with their treatment programs which can minimize and even avoid long-term effects of injuries, and associated physical and mental stress.

The most effective method of reaching out to them is a letter. This must be marked as advertisements, but it can still be personalized and showing real care. For example, once we provide you with the list of names of personal injuries for your specific area, a good idea is to have someone with good calligraphy skills write the address on the envelopes by hand (and use a personalized return address sticker. It is also important to pay attention to the envelope content, which should be your letter addressing the person by name, like “Dear John Smith” and not just a general title. Include also a business card, a symptoms card and a gift certificate for a free initial service. A 30 minutes free massage or trigger point therapy would be for most of them a reason to contact you right away.

Direct Mailing Effectiveness

As with any type of communication, the more personal the message the better the response will be.

The average parameters to measure the effectiveness of your mailing are 5% or higher response for existing patients, down to a fraction of a percent for mailing to potential patients (people who do not know you and have not inquired about your services).

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